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Ha ha ha. out in San Fransisco they call AIDS "The Gift" and stupid (I mean, really stupid, ignorant people) get it in order to become "trendy" ("I had AIDS before it was cool!"). Or, they just want to go into backrooms and bb (bareback) all the time until they die.

I don't know why bug chasers even tell them they want to get AIDS. Just pretend you're poz and get screwed! They're simply high maintinence attention whores at that moment. Not even worth infecting! LOL

Skinhead is just another fetish. Not my kind of thing but there are a lot of gay porns calling them skinhead, with just a bunch of mostly ugly old bald guys role playing skinheads fucking each other. Gay porn has no plot ever.
do a search for GASH+skinhead lol, that's a tardbust waiting to happen.
In case anyone is wondering the Tardbusters.com server was located in new orleans.
It may or may not ever be back online.