bastard_fish (bastard_fish) wrote in tardbusters,

To be continued...

Tardbusters has a strong readership in New Orleans, for reasons which will be obvious to some of you. There's no way of saying this which isn't cheesy, but I hope that all of you are okay.

Incidentally, is down. This, as no_rabble mentioned here, is because the server was located in the New Orleans area. As he says, "it may or may not ever be back online". The future of Tardbusters as a website is currently unknown. The content is all intact on my hard drive, but I'm not even thinking about it until we know that certain individuals are safe; not mentioning any names in order to preserve anonymity. Consider this, therefore, a (hopefully brief) hiatus for Tardbusters. Watch this space, though. This livejournal, for now, will be the centre of any Tardbusters-related information.

Again, I hope you're all okay and I look forward to having everyone back together.

Edit: In the mean time, something fun to try and lift the mood a little:

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